Your imagination is your only limit. E-mail us photographs of your horses and loved ones you would like to appear in the final art and we will digitally manipulate your pictures to create magical and surreal worlds or simple greeting cards. You can tell us what you envision and we will make it happen. If you are not sure, tell us a bit about yourself and let our artist create for you.

Cost: $195.00 CAD


  • E-mail me your photo(s) to Please send the photos in their original size. The larger the size of the picture the better the outcome. Keep in mind that several photos can be combined into one art piece.
  • Tell us what you would like to create. We can incorporate all details that you envision – clothing, jewelry, hair style, your horse’s tack, scenery. If you are not sure, tell us a little about yourself and your horse and let our artist create for you.
  • Minor changes to the art are possible once the final piece is presented for your approval.
  • You will receive the final art via e-mail. YOU OWN IT. You are now free to use it how you please. You can print the image on canvas and make it look like a painting, you can print greeting cards, or you can simply post it on your Facebook. You are welcome to use it for your own commercial/business purposes. The only restriction we have is that this art cannot be re-sold to a third party for profit purposes.
  • With your agreement, I would like to share your finished art on Spirited Away social media.

Examples of Work